Pick the Ideal Ceiling Lights for Every Room

ceiling lights

There is no rule that dictates a homeowner to pick different types of ceiling lights for every room. It is absolutely acceptable to have the same style or only one style of ceiling lights all over the property. However, that would look odd. Bathroom ceiling lights have to be different from those in the living room and kitchens have their own requirements that are different from bedrooms. Foyers or passages, utility areas or patios and every specific space or room one considers will have its specific purpose and accordingly one must choose the ceiling lights. Here is a brief guide to pick the ideal ceiling lights for every room.

It is futile to a large extent to get into cosmetic and subjective attributes of ceiling lights.

The exact design, pattern, colour and other physical attributes will always be influenced by personal preference. Focusing on irrefutable realities and specific technicalities will be more helpful. For instance, the type of room will determine broadly the different styles or designs that can be considered. A kitchen doesn’t need a grand centerpiece on the ceiling unless the dining table is in large open kitchen space and needs a spotlight or grand installation atop it. Bedrooms can do with absolutely no ceiling and only floor lights and bedside lamps, possibly with one or two light fittings on the wall. Living rooms should have some ceiling lights. The rules have been relaxed over the years and given the ever expanding spectrum of different types of lights one can choose from, there is no hard and fast rule to abide by.

The height and size of a room will determine the choice of ceiling lights.

Small rooms cannot have very large ceiling lights. Even if they are recessed, the coverage of the light doesn’t have to be massive. Likewise, large rooms should not have lights that have a small coverage area. They would not serve any purpose. The height will determine how focused and bright the light should be within its coverage area. A standard recessed spotlight will be brighter when ceiling height is low and it may fade if the height is two or three feet more.

The type of room, its size and height will also determine the exact fitting or fixture that homeowners can choose.

Not every room needs recessed ceiling lights. Some spaces require traditional lights, the ones fitted at the ceiling and not inside, hanging down or protruding and not embedded or cased.