Perfect Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is without doubt one of the most important rooms in your house. It is a place where you go to first thing in the morning and the last before bed. It is a clean, fresh space where you go to each morning to get ready and start your day. Off lighting could result in unseen spots for men when they shave and a total makeup mishap for women. This is why it is essential to achieve perfect bathroom lighting in your home, for both you and your visitors.

General Lighting

Have you ever popped to the loo at a friend’s house or whilst out and been blinded by that yellow artificial shade? Avoid this by bringing in both natural light (in the day) with a cool, natural colour bulb on the ceiling. This can be achieved through a single fixture, spotlights which can be controlled or even a pendant light may be enough to gain perfect bathroom lighting.
From this, it allows the bathroom to be entirely lit without leaving any unwanted shadows. This can also highlight how clean and fresh your bathroom is and will leave any visitor having bathroom envy.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is essential to get right when going about shaving or doing your make up for the day. The easier and most beneficial way to achieve perfect bathroom lighting for these tasks if by illuminating the mirror in which you use. These bulbs must be a cool, natural tone to avoid any unwanted yellows. This also then allows you to see your reflection exactly how it is and how it will be seen during the day so you don’t leave the house 3 shades darker than you thought.

Examples of how to achieve perfect bathroom lighting via the mirror is by fixing vertical wall sconces either side. If this is not possible then above the mirror is perfectly fine. The aim is to banish away any shadows that cover your face or hair.


If your bathroom dominates a large space with a large shower then it is worth looking into other lighting. Wet room lighting and shower lighting are all options to undertake to brighten up your bathroom the best way you can. Recessed lighting is one of the best ways to achieve perfect bathroom lighting through fixing two lights. This can be placed at the end of your bathtub for maximum effect.