Ceiling Lights

Everything you need to know about choosing ceiling lights

Believe it or not, finding the perfect ceiling lights for your specific space is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it might appear to be on the surface.

No, it’s not because there are too few options available to pick and choose from on the market today, but instead because there are almost too many. Combine that with all of the different sizes, styles, and configurations you can choose when you’re investing in new lights for your ceiling and you’ll soon see why this is such a big decision.

To better help you find the perfect lights, we’ve put together this quick guide. Let’s dive right in!

Make sure the scale of your new lights fits your space

If you’re going to be choosing lights for your ceiling that are of the chandelier, pendant, or flush mount variety you’re going to want to make sure that the scale of the lighting fixture itself plays nicely with the scale of your space.

You’ll need to know what your square footage is of the room that these lights will be installed, but you’ll also need to know the height of the room (from the floor right to the top of the ceiling) so that you can choose a lighting fixture that isn’t going to be too big, too small, or too conspicuous.

Make sure you have plenty of clearance

This isn’t as important when you’re choosing flush mount lighting fixtures for your ceiling, but if you’re going in the pendant or chandelier direction you’ll absolutely need to make sure there is plenty of clearance between the bottom of your fixture and your floor.

As a general rule, you want to keep 7 feet of clearance from the bottom of the fixture to the floor. In always for open spaces, try and hang chandeliers or pendants with the bottom at least 6 feet higher than the closest door or window.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll find choosing the best ceiling lights for your space becomes a whole lot easier than it ever would have been otherwise. These tips and tricks are used by professional designers and contractors on a daily basis to create really stunning spaces, and they will certainly help you create the kind of stunning space you’re hoping for.

Add a little bit of your personal style and flair and some good old-fashioned common sense and you’ll find the perfect lights for your ceiling with no trouble at all!